Endless Possibilities with Web3 Decentralized Finance to Empower your Applications

Build, invest, and manage your DeFi with REST API in 5 minutes, not 5 weeks.

Token Swap

Swap any tokens for users to start investing into DeFi, on-chain and permissionless, even gas-less.

    tokenIn: 'WBTC', 
    tokenOut: 'USDC', 
    amount: '1', 
    'x-sec-key': 'YOUR_API_KEY', 
    'x-sec-sign': 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY', 

Additional Features

Portfolio Management

Integrate, and manage investment portfolios in a simple dashboard; non-custodial wallets & on-chain transactions.

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Stablecoin Protocols

Deploy and manage your liquidity on decentralized protocols like MakerDAO with stablecoins.

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Borrow & Lend

Deposit, borrow, and lend major cryptocurrencies on top AMMs across blockchain networks -
earn rewards in DeFi.

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Stake crypto assets directly or allowing users to access staking nodes. User can earn staking rewards in your applications.

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Why ThirdFi?

Simple but powerful

ThirdFi API is a DeFi infra-middleware, more than just fetching data.

Easy and accessible

Use your existing development framework to access any DeFi protocols with REST APIs.

All-in-one ecosystem

Interact with multiple L1/L2 blockchain networks, DeFi protocols, and 3rd party dapps.

Dev tools and support

Comprehensive dev toolings; testnet with sandbox integration and on-chain support with dashboard.

Let's integrate DeFi
into your applications