Request For Builders (RFB)

Request For Builders (RFB) program is for developers who aspire to build web3 and DeFi. ThirdFi’s RFB initiative is to create use cases for ThirdFi API. The candidates for RFB will get a chance to build a working web app with the full support of the ThirdFi team.

ThirdFi hope this RFB initiative can encourage new builders to DeFi, start building working products, and enrich the DeFi ecosystem. As it is getting harder to create a product, not to mention the launch, ThirdFi is here to help passionate web3 developers with execution-focused mindset.
DeFi web-app to swap tokens (Swap) functionality
DeFi web-app to add liquidity (Earn) functionality
DeFi web-app with DeFi index fund investment strategy (Invest)
DeFi liquidity provider tool to analyze volatility or impermanent loss (IL)
DeFi web-app with fiat-to-crypto
on-ramps payment
DeFi portfolio tracking tool with Swap, Earn or Invest API
Real-time dashboard with price charts and trading history on DEXes
DeFi web-app with AMM APY% comparison
DeFi smart trade dashboard with copy-trades
Chrome extension for real-time alerts for price changes on DEXes

Terms and conditions

  • This RFB program comprises an interview, a selection process, building, and ending with a demo day with the candidates, presenting what they have completed building throughout the program.
  • Selected candidates must build using ThirdFi'sAPI as a core technology. It is possible to add other 3rd party tools if they are unavailable on the ThirdFi platform.
  • Selected candidates must build a working web-app that can be launched to the market in 3 weeks, depending on the program condition.
  • Selected candidates must deliver a finished product, and half-baked products, unfinished web-apps, and products with late delivery will be disqualified.
  • The finished product must be hosted on ThirdFi’s server. ThirdFi will provide the hosting server and cloud.
  • The finished product must be open-source and published to the GitHub repo.
  • Selected candidates will be reimbursed USD $1,000 for the finished product.
  • All programming languages are eligible to participate in this RFB program.
  • ThirdFi reserves the right to choose who is accepted into the program and how much is allocated.
  • ThirdFi reserves the final right to close and amend any program condition at any given time without prior notice.

Developers Grants