Powered by All-in-one API solution, ThirdFi helps your crypto products to scale up to Web3 Decentralized Finance

Token Swap
Support multi-chain token swap with top DeX protocols
Liquidity Provider
Provides liquidity to DeX pools to earn transaction fees as rewards
Borrow & Lend
Automated collateral management for automated market making (AMM) pools
Yield Farms (Earn)
Invest into DeFi index products on multi-chain automatically via API
Seamlessly invest into multi-chain staking protocols
Non-custodial Transactions
Integrate non-custodial transactions on multiple blockchain networks
On-ramps & off-ramps
Buy and sell between global fiat currencies & cryptocurrencies
Portfolio Management
Multi-chain dashboard for wallet management and on-chain analytics
Notification Support
Support real-time notification with social media messaging integration

Yield Farms (Earn)

DeFi Index Funds

ThirdFi presents DeFi Index Funds with top cryptocurrencies in the decentralized finance space. These funds employ an indexing investment approach carefully designed to track the performance of the major cryptocurrencies with respective themes.

ThirdFi DeFi Index Funds are made purely with ThirdFi API to demonstrate the full suite of what ThirdFi API can offer. These funds are a working investment strategy on-chain that investors can invest in real-time and that developers can integrate into their existing products.

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