A Web3-focused global festival for builders
BUIDL FEST is a festival for developers, enablers, and innovators in the web3 space to build the future of finance. BUIDL FEST invites the world’s best developers with great ideas to compete and create next-generation decentralized applications that would onboard the next billion users.
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BUIDL FEST is a web3-focused global festival for builders and is an extensive initiative from ThirdFi’s RFB program. ThirdFi, the new webs infrastructure protocol initiated RFB (request for builders) program in 2023 and have been receiving overwhelming response from web3 builders.  

Thus ThirdFi is expanding the effort by creating “BUIDL FEST” together with industry leaders , projects, communities to enlarge the impact and empower more builders. The BUIDL FEST will be held quarterly aligning with some most notable blockchain/ web3 events & conferences starting from May 2023 (Detailed format will be updated soon)


Types of projects that may be recommended include but are not limited to

Mobile Wallet appwith on-off ramp feature
Earn app(Add liquidity to the pools)
Investment dApp(Invest index funds)
Crypto banking app(borrow and lending)
Long short strategy
Portfolio monitoring app
Prediction market(Using real time price feed)
Leveraged invest strategy
Token marketplaces app

Application will be opened soon!

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