The Request For Builders (RFB) Season 1 Winner Announcement

The Request For Builders (RFB) Season 1 Winner Announcement

The Request For Builders (RFB) Season 1 Winner Announcement

Monday, April 3, 2023

ThirdFi Request For Builders (RFB) Season 1 has come to an end! ThirdFi is the 1st protocol to come up with the initiative and has announced the first season of RFB program back in January 2023.  We have received over 100 applications since the program launched. Among all the talented applicants, we have finally selected 1 winner. 

Before we get to see what the winner’s product is, let’s recap on how ThirdFi started the RFB program!

What is RFB?

In ThirdFi’s company mission and DNA, we want to empower more developers to join our journey of onboarding the next billion people to decentralized finance and freedom of money. Aligning with the mission, ThirdFi team came up with the RFB (Request For Builders) initiative , which was a twist from the original term of RFP (Request For Proposal). The ThirdFi RFB (Request For Builders) Program is an ongoing developer program, where web2/web3 builders can join and build working web app utilizing the ThirdFi solutions. This program aims to catalyze the growth of web3 development and make decentralized finance (DeFi) accessible and easy for more developers around the world.The winner from the RFB will receive USD $1,000 equivalent reward as a prize, along with the full technical & marketing support from the ThirdFi team.

Now let’s meet the winner of the RFB Season 1! 

Get this Price Alert Chrome Extension

Key features:

  • Real-time notifications: Stay up-to-date on the latest DeFi opportunity with real-time price notifications. This can help track the price of cryptocurrency, so that you don’t miss any buy or sell opportunity as it fetches your desired crypto price automatically every minute.

  • User-friendly interface: Its sleek and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. Users just need to select the crypto, fiat and their target price one time and the extension will start running.

  • Reliable information: The information provided in this Chrome Extension is reliable and up-to-date. The extension fetches data from ThirdFi API which updates every minute.

Technologies used:

  • Plasmo Browser Extension framework : Plasmo streamlines the process of building browser extensions, allowing you to focus on shipping your product. It helps in building a clean code in React and converts it into HTML and vanilla JS to work in extension form.

  • ThirdFi API : ThirdFi provides all-in-one API for web3 finance.

  • Get Payment Crypto Currency: This API is used to get payment cryptocurrencies list. It uses the “GET” request and doesn’t require any argument.

  • Get Estimated Currency Rate: With “POST” request, this API can fetch the current crypto price with estimated pricing. Github:


Demo Video

ThirdFi’s Progress since the RFB Season 1

The ThirdFi team has never stopped building behind the scenes. In the past few months, we have been working on improving the ThirdFi solution and expanding the ecosystem.

  • ThirdFi now supports 10 different L1/L2 blockchain networks, with the new integration of OKC, KCC, Cronos, and Conflux Network on top of the previously supported blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism.

  • Swap API, Invest API, Earn API, Pay API are now all available live in the mainnet, for free.

As a developer focused protocol, we are also expanding and growing our developer community.

  • We have gathered over 4k members as Alpha builders

  • We are rolling out Level-up community incentive program to reward the early supports and builders

  • We will be collaborating with more developer communities in the coming weeks for multiple activities/ campaigns

Join our community so you don’t miss any of the updates:

Again, congratulations to the RFB Season1 winner! The ThirdFi team appreciates all the support and interest from the applicants. There will be an upcoming RFB new season and more hack programs coming up soon, so stay tuned!  

About ThirdFi

ThirdFi is a web3 infrastructure protocol focusing on multi-chain interoperability and middleware solutions with all-in-1 API. ThirdFi believes the future of finance will be powered by blockchain technologies and will focus on building innovative and easy-to-use solutions that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products for developers, fintech, and financial institutions.

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