Data to Earn: Your ThirdFi journey starts here!

Data to Earn: Your ThirdFi journey starts here!

Data to Earn: Your ThirdFi journey starts here!

Thursday, June 20, 2024

⚡️GM web3 degens!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ThirdFi’s “Data to Earn” Program—a special airdrop campaign to celebrate our entry into the Modular AI for DeFi Era. 

What is Data to Earn? 

ThirdFi’s mission is to facilitate seamless connectivity between public usage and decentralized finance (DeFi) through AI Agents.

The Data to Earn Program is an early incentive initiative aimed at rewarding the early ThirdFi protocol users as Data Providers. 

By authorizing and binding your web3 data to your ThirdFi ID and opting in as a Data Provider by completing the tasks on ThirdFi protocol, you can gain and accumulate your Data Points and stand a chance for a lucky draw with cash rewards ($10,000 USDT reward pool). Your Data Points will also be eligible for ThirdFi airdrop tokens in the near future. 

Ready to dive in the 1st Modular AI for DeFi and start your ThirdFi journey now? Let’s go! 

Preparation - Mint your ThirdFi ID

Data-to-Earn is made possible through ThirdFi's innovative design of the ThirdFi Protocol, establishing identity as Data Ownership. ThirdFi ID enables users to own, monetize, and fully utilize their web3 and DeFi data
ThirdFi ID as ecosystem ID represents in NFT (ERC-7231) to be minted as evidence of your data ownership within the ThirdFi’s network. With your ThirdFi ID and participation in the point system, you can bind your social accounts, verify completed challenges, and engage in social tasks to gain more Data Points. 

By minting the ThirdFi ID, you will be entitled to:
1️⃣ 20 Data Points
2️⃣ Generation of Reward Hash & Stand a chance to Win from $10,000 Prize Pool

Important Notice:
ThirdFi ID support 10 chains for minting: BNB, opBNB, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, ZkSync, Base, Blast, Linea, Scroll.
-Users required to pay gas fee for ThirdFi ID minting.
2️⃣Click "Claim Prize" button if your Reward Hash is entitled for $100 USDT claim
[Pop-up show if your Reward Hash is entitled to claim]
3️⃣Each wallet can ONLY mint 1 ThirdFi ID. Meaning if they minted 1 ID on any of the chains, they cannot mint on other supported chains.

Mint your ThirdFi ID to begin your journey in Data-to-Earn now: Link to ThirdFi Data-to-Earn campaign

5 Ways to Earn More Data Points  

1️⃣/ [Social Binding]

Bind your social accounts to collect Data Points 
+10 Data Points / Social channel

Bind your social accounts and Metamask Wallet once. Collect your Data Points after you bind your accounts. The more accounts you bind, the more Data Points you gain.

2️⃣/ [Social Challenge]

Complete social challenge to collect Data Points 
+10 Data Points / Social Challenge

Simply complete the required social tasks and click on Verify Task(s) upon challenge completion.
Example: Follow ThirdFi on Twitter, Join ThirdFi's Telegram Group

3️⃣/ [On-Chain Challenge]

Verify your completed On-Chain Challenges 
+10 Data Points / On-Chain Challenge

Verify your completed each task by pressing “Start”. 
On-Chain Challenges will update continuously based on technical integration and partnerships weekly.  Make sure you come back regularly to check on the new tasks and gain more Data Points!

4️⃣/ [Referral Bonus]

Invite Friends to earn additional Data Points 
+10 Data Points / Invite 
10% Commission of Data Point Collection and Booster from your friends
  • Referrals are entitled to collect Data Points and receive 10% commission from the referee's accomplished tasks and booster points. 

  • Referral is only verified when the referee successfully mints a ThirdFi ID. 

5️⃣/ [Booster]

Multiply your Data Points and stand a chance to earn USDT from the $10,000 USDT reward prize pool! 
Multiply your Data Points up to 2x

The Booster reward system enhances your Data Points and enables random lucky draws to the Reward Pool. The more you boost, the higher your booster tier, resulting in a greater booster percentage. Additionally, every booster improves your chances of earning USDT prize from the Reward Pool.

*Important Notice: Both your ThirdFi ID minting and the booster itself must be on the same blockchain.
For example, if you minted your ThirdFi ID on the BNB chain, Booster can only be on the BNB chain.

Read this for detail information about Booster: Data-to-Earn Gitbook  

a/ After collection of Data Points from completing all the tasks above, you can start boosting your Data Points according to your booster tier level.

Your Total Data Points (DP) after minting ThirdFi ID (20 DP), binding 3 social accounts (30 DP) and 2 On-Chain challenges is 70 DP. Every boost will give you an additional 10%, which is 7 DP (Now your balance DP is 77DP). 

If you boost more than 10 times, your booster is now tier 2 and every time you boost you will receive an additional 20% DP, which is 14 DP and so forth for the next Boost tier. 

You can continue to boost and level up, but the multiplier cap at 2x (level 10).

b/ Every boost is required to pay for transaction hash for "Reward Hash" generation.

c/ Every boost transaction will generate a “Reward Hash”. Any Reward Hash ENDING with the consecutive order of “abc” or “123” is entitled to claim a $100 cash reward from the Reward Pool.

You can directly verify by clicking on “Verify Reward Hash” and claim the cash prize if you meet the requirement!
Here's the notification to your "Reward Hash" has entitled for the $100 USDT claim 👇

How is the cash reward determined? 
Here comes the fun part! This innovation is probably the 1st in industry!

🖇️ Introducing “Hash within Hash”! 🖇️

Each booster will create a transaction hash, as we named it “Reward Hash”. Every “Booster Transaction Hash” generated from the blockchain is fully decentralized. In order to create a pure random hash that can’t be manipulated, ThirdFi created the algo “hash within hash” for the Reward Hash Generation event.  

<Read more on how Reward Hash works>

Thanks for the read and here’s a summary on the Data to Earn point system: 

⁉️Quick FAQ⁉️ 

1. Q: What is the benefit of being an early ThirdFi’s Data Provider?
A: There are multiple cool reasons why you should join Data to Earn program and be a data provider for ThirdFi protocol: 
-Early ThirdFi’s Data Providers are entitled to ThirdFi airdrop based on your Data Points collected
-Stand a chance to win a cash reward from the $10,000 USDT rewards prize pool. 
-Fees sharing from builders, developers or enterprises that purchase the trained data. 

Read more on the Data Provider’s role in ThirdFi protocol here: 
<ThirdFi v2 Gitbook >

2. Q: Is ThirdFi ID compulsory for Data to Earn program? 
A: Yes, ThirdFi ID is the ThirdFi’s ecosystem ID, represented in NFT (ERC-7231). It is the evidence for you to retain your ownership for your data within ThirdFi’s network.

3. Q: What are the supported blockchains for ThirdFi ID mint?
A: We are supporting ThirdFi ID mint on below chains: BNB, opBNB, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, ZkSync, Base, Blast, Linea, Scroll. Users can choose any chain among those to mint their ThirdFi ID.

Each wallet could mint 1 ThirdFi ID. Meaning if they minted 1 ID on any of the chains, they cannot mint on other supported chains.

4. Q: Which tasks are eligible to enter the $10,000 USDT rewards prize pool? 
A: Both ThirdFi ID mint and booster transactions will generate “Reward Hash”, which is eligible to enter the cash reward pool. Any Reward Hash ending with the consecutive order of “abc” OR “123”, can claim $100 USDT from the reward pool.

5. Q: Can I claim multiple times of rewards from the pool? 
A: Yes, the more entries you have (from minting ThirdFi ID or booster), the more chances you can claim. As long as the reward hash ends with consecutive order of “abc” OR “123”, can claim $100 USDT from the reward pool.

6. Q: Which blockchain shall I use to claim my cash rewards?
A: BNB is the chain for reward claiming. Make sure you select the correct network to claim your rewards.

7. Q: What is the ratio of Data Points to be exchanged to your token airdrop?
A: The total dedicated airdrop amount for the campaign will be distributed to the users who joined the Data to Earn campaign by ratio. Thus, the more Data Points you have, the bigger amount of airdrop you will be getting.

8. Q: What if I don’t want to bind my social accounts?
A: The social binding is totally optional. You can always gain more points by completing other tasks/ challenges or use more boosters to multiply your Data Points instantly!

9. Q: How long will the Data to Earn program last?
A: The Data to Earn program will be ongoing and new tasks will be added weekly. We will introduce more phases of exciting rewards every month too. Stay tuned with our social media announcements!

10. For the Onchain challenge (week1), any specific requirements? 

-For Pancake swap and Uniswap, user has to do any amount of swap after 1st Jan 2024 to be qualified 
-For ChainLink token holder, as long as the user wallet holds any amount of $LINK
-We are supporting all the chains of the protocol: Uniswap (excluded ZkSync - since it is new and just launched last few days ago), Pancakeswap (excluded Aptos - non-EVM) and ChainLink (excluded Solana - non-EVM) when synchronization for the tasks.

If you have more questions, feel free to join our community and ask away. Our admins / teams will be there to address your questions. Stay safe and always only trust the links from official channels!


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